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Areas Covered

As I'm one of the local driving instructors in Andover this limits me to the towns and villages I can provide my services too. One of the main reasons for this is the time it takes to travel out of Andover and back into Andover. Therefore, I limit myself and cover a 10 mile radius from Andover town centre.

Manual Driving Lessons

My driving school only has manual cars and unfortunately I can't cater for anyone who would like to learn to drive in an automatic. Should you require driving lessons in an automatic car then I could probably put you in touch with one of the local driving schools in Andover that may be able to help you.

Guaranteed Pass

Would you like to take driving lessons in Andover with a school that could offer you a guaranteed pass? Well now you can. I know how expensive learning to drive can be so I try to deliver good business to you. One of the ways I do this is by offering you a guaranteed pass scheme.

Guaranteed Pass

So, you want to pass your test

Hundreds of people have passed their driving test with me,
my pass rate speaks for itself.

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I can’t thank Martyn enough. He has to be one of the best driving instructors in Andover, if not the world. I just can’t believe I passed by driving test. This is one of the happiest days of my life. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn to call Martyn.

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Wow wow wow, I did it. I actually passed my driving test. I am on cloud nine and this is all thanks to Martyn. He is an amazing driving instructor with lots of knowledge. He’s also very patient and doesn’t go off on one when you get things wrong. Thank you Martyn, you’re great.

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I was recommended to go with Martyn by a good friend. I’m glad that I made the choice to go with him as he’s a good bloke and has a trustworthy approach about him. He’s honest, reliable and above all a great driving instructor. Thanks Martyn for your help.

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Save £100’s of pounds when you learn to drive with Martyn

Learning to drive can be expensive, but take your lessons with Martyn who is one of the most respected driving instructors in Andover  and you will get structured lessons which will help you to pass your test quicker.

Also, you’ll get a “guaranteed pass” scheme included when you take driving lessons with Martyn Cowell Driving School.

Very High Pass Rates

Driving Instructors in Andover

Did you know that every qualified driving instructor
has to pass three very rigorous exams.

As one of the local driving instructors in Andover, I know what it feels like to take a driving test. Just to qualify as a driving instructor we have to study and pass three very rigorous exams, not only that, but we also have to sit an exam every three to four years. This is to ensure that our quality of tuition still reaches the standards set out by the DVSA. You can find out more about our exams here. So, with this said, I completely know what it takes to pass your driving test and to reach the minimum standard for safe driving for life. Once you reach this standard, you should be at a stage where you can apply for your driving test. I’ve wrote a Blog about training to become a driving instructor, you can read it here. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about training for your driving test or training to become a driving instructor. You can contact me here.

Driving Schools in Andover

The driving test was first introduced to our UK roads in June 1935.
Lots have changed since then.

The driving test has come a long way since it’s birth in 1935 and there’s a lot more traffic on the roads these days, that’s for sure.  It was in 1903 when the very first driving licence was introduced, this was before the driving test was born. Can you imagine what our roads would be like now if no one had to take and pass a driving test, manic would be the word I would use to describe it. The first driving school was established around the 1930’s and since then probably every town and and city in the UK has a driving school in it. There are many driving schools in Andover and the local areas so finding the right driving school for you can be sometimes a challenge. Especially if you want to try learning in an automatic too as there seems to be a shortage of driving schools in Andover that teach automatics. I teach in a manual but how long will this be for? Especially with the way technology is changing, for instance, do you think we could be driving around in self-driving cars soon?

Driving Lessons in Andover

So, you need some driving lessons and want to pass your driving test?
Lets just have a look at how many lesson you might need.

Before I get in to the meat and bones about how many lessons it takes to pass a driving test, you’ll probably hear people boasting that it took them 10 lessons or so. Now whether this is the truth is not my problem to work out. But I would question as to how long ago this was and also question them to see if they had any previous or private practice because in my opinion it’s impossible for a complete beginner to learn to drive from scratch and pass a driving test within 10 hours. When you take your driving lessons in Andover, everybody learns differently and at different rates too. Firstly, you’ve got to master the skills of controlling a car, not just moving off and stopping but also in traffic too such as at roundabouts, busy junctions and dual carriageways. There is also a syllabus to work through too. Although this is not set in stone, there has to be some structure to your driving lessons. This is where your driving instructor comes in. We know how best to structure a lesson so that learning takes place and you learn effectively and also at a rate that’s comfortable for you. Probably the best thing to do is to book me for your driving lessons in Andover and then between us, we can work out roughly how many driving lessons it may take you to get to test ready.